Mobile Business Process Outsourcing

We are providing a better outsourcing service for allowing the customers to add or change any services of mobile business conveniently as necessary by delivering through a common technology platform. And as experiential experts in mobile business innovation and tailored services, Rhingle applies its extensive and broad experience to providing leading-edge solutions. Clear advantages are always offered as outsourcing with Rhingle.

UX Consultation

We are able to familiarize you with the professional discipline of UX design by offering you a better user experience consultation. Besides, recommendations will be provided to improve its “look and feel” and its effectiveness, assisting you to build the foundation making your site easy to understand and navigate. On the other hand, measurement on usability, effectiveness and satisfaction towards a particular system design to end users is implemented as well for obtaining a better understanding among the long-term relation between user experience and system appreciation.

Large Scale Mobile Data Integration

Large scale mobile data integration is offered under a better data protection, security and performance combine with the challenges of managing large, rapidly growing mobile data and unstructured “big data” environments. Highly efficient mobile data integration we provided will now incorporate the type of efficiency, compliance and security features that an organization need while meeting essential large-scale corporate requirements.

Mobile Application Development

Rhingle adopts to the latest technologies and tools for developing and deploying the mobile applications based on the your customized requirements. Based on our extensive experience, we are handling various kinds of different mobile platforms such as iPhone, Android and mobile-web applications etc. Our quick and efficient solutions enable you to receive the assigned projects on time at affordable pricing with convincing and satisfied quality.